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Small Group Bible Studies
Explore your faith in friendship with Small Group Bible studies.


College life is challenging. It’s joyful – and it’s stressful. We’re surrounded by peers – but it can be lonely. We need to focus – but we can find ourselves pulled in all directions.


This semester, we invite you to come and receive, and come and grow in authentic friendship in a Catholic Illini Small Group. Small Groups are a chance to rest and re-center, a chance to find an outlet, and a chance to find encouragement and spiritual nourishment for the week. Small Groups are student-led, student-focused explorations of Scripture as it applies to your life now, and beyond. Small Groups meet weekly in a community of authentic friendship to celebrate the joys and navigate the difficulties of campus life.


We all need someone to run the race with us. In a Catholic Illini Small Group, that’s just what you’ll find: friends to run this race alongside you. Friends who care deeply about the important realities of your life.


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Through Catholic Illini small groups, I realized that my faith is not a solitary journey. There is such a vibrant and welcoming community here at UIUC that is open to all, regardless of who you are or what your past is. Small groups have helped me to meet new people and learn new things and truly have given me a new perspective on what Catholicism means to me as I go through college.

Nicole Dudek

Fellowship is very important in the beginning of your college career and putting yourself in a Catholic Illini small group is putting yourself around some of the best men on campus; men who care deeply about the important realities of your life and want nothing more than to get to know you and be your friend. You will not only grow as a man but also grow exponentially in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

Evan Burge

Catholic Illini Small group gives me the opportunity to simply come and receive; it is a place where I can rest. It is a time to come together with women who are running the race alongside me in the pursuit of holiness and authentic femininity. On a campus where we are constantly bombarded with falsehoods about who we are, it is here that we are reminded of our true identity as Beloved daughters and sisters in Christ.

Lauren Matson