Life at Newman Hall

Newman Hall has great rooms, an unbeatable location, fantastic dining, and tons of extras.


But the best part about life at Newman Hall?

the student community


Newman Hall is home to the most active student community on campus. With dozens of student groups, tons of great Hall-wide events,  floor activities, and so much more, there is always something going on.


SPARK at Newman Hall powers the Hall-wide community. SPARK is a student-led organization that creates social activities and sparks joy, community, and fun for residents at Newman Hall. Members get to host, plan, and enjoy events while working as a team to create an inviting, vibrant community. SPARK also provides events and activities exclusively for members. 


Join us at the SPARK Launch Party on Wednesday, August 24 at 8:30 on the 2North Terrace to find out how you can be the SPARK at Newman Hall this year!



Expect great opportunities like:


Find out
what's going on

at Newman Hall

Look for Newman Hall events on the SJCNC calendar below or login to the Newman Hall portal to view the lineup of Hall-wide events and activities or for events and happenings on your floor*.
* - current residents