Spend a night or a weekend away from campus and find friendship, peace, and renewed inspiration. Catholic Illini Retreats are run by students for students several times each year. Find your home in a community of faith, prayer, and friendship.

Freshman Overnight

Celebrate the start of your freshman year

The Freshman Overnight is a fantastic way to meet tons of new freshman from all over campus, make new friends, and find out more about the Catholic Illini community. This FREE night is run by sophomore Catholic Illini, and includes all your lodging, food, and transportation.

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Koinonia Weekends

Offered 3 times each year

Offered 3 times each year, Koinonia weekends are completely student-run. This 2-night weekend away for students invites you to discover your “why” and discover hope and a relief from the daily stresses of campus life. Take stock of what’s working and what’s not working in your life today, discover hope in God’s love, and get ready to begin living in joy! If you are just beginning to explore your faith or are wondering how faith can fit into your college experience – this weekend is for you!

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Catholic Illini Silent Retreat

Leave behind the noise and busy-ness of campus life

Leave behind the noise and busy-ness of campus life and listen for God’s quiet voice in your heart, rest in His love, and renew your spirit. This retreat will be a restful, enriching time; a deep encounter with God; and a chance to recharge. This retreat is for students who are ready to take the next step in their spiritual life and go deeper into prayer and relationship with God. If you are praying regularly but still hunger for something more, then this retreat is for you.

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