Staff Directory

Newman Hall RA Team

The Newman Hall Resident Advisor team provides support, builds connections, and creates community for the residents on their floors. The RA team is the first set of resources that students have access to when navigating campus life, and help maintain a safe, supportive, and secure environment for all residents. The team is led by Resident Director Cristina Gonzalez.


The 2023-2024 Resident Advisor Team is:

  • Elena Birchenough, Assistant Resident Director
  • Stephen White, 1South Men's RA
  • Keeley Robinson, 1South Women's RA
  • Aaron Anastos, 2South Men's RA
  • Melissa Zerwic, 2South Women's RA
  • Thomas Harmon, 3South Men's RA 
  • Elizabeth Kabbes, 3South Women's RA
  • Ethan Higginbotham, 4South Men's RA
  • Stephanie Leigh, 4South Women's RA
  • Spencer Steeves, 2North Men's RA
  • Angelina Greico, 2North Women's RA
  • Logan Maue, 3North Men's RA
  • Katherine LaSota, 3North Women's RA
  • Jack Wszolek, 4North Men's RA
  • Liv Crickman, 4North Women's RA
  • Christine Fink, 5North Women's RA
  • Liam Hoeferlin, 6North Men's RA
  • Tara Gallagher, 7North Women's RA
  • Isabelle Daiber, RA for SPARK
  • Philip Xie-O'Malley, RA for Multicultural Activities